1. Valerie Belsey
    7th August 2017 @ 05:40

    Congratulations Liz on writing and publishing this history of Issey. I enjoyed its anecdotal approach and it left me wanting to find out more about how the history of the village links in to national and world history which could be included in a sequel. It is great on giving a definitive history of filming, and the early history of the harbour. (Could the reprint use a larger typeface and sharpen up the black and white photographs?) From Valerie Belsey author of books on Green Lanes, The Buzzard and the Bikers and a forthcoming volume of short stories about Roseland.


    • Pour me a glass...
      9th August 2017 @ 10:12

      Hello Valerie, I am looking at a larger typeface in the next edition. The waterwheel photo is also going to be looked at. Glad that you enjoyed it.


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